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G-tourist is your one stop-shop mobile app. of all tourist sites in Ghana.  It has the data base of all;

  •  Beaches
  • Caves
  • Mountains
  • Parks and gardens
  • Historical monument (castles and forts)
  • Animal  sanctuaries ( birds, butterflies, monkeys, baboons etc)
  • Waterfalls
  • Forests and grooves
  • Rivers, dams and lakes

It also indicates the regions and towns they can be found in. Also there is a brief history about the sites.

You can now plan where to spend your vacation, go for your excursions, honeymoons and hide out in the comfort of your home on your mobile phone with all the necessary information and what to expect on the site.


Selorm Michael Avumegah


  • Emmanuel Owusu Addai

    Impressive. This project needs a push.

  • Francis Addai

    Hey Selorm, +1 on your idea. I like it already, have you started working on it or it’s done. Let’s know more, please. There are whole lot of people out there who are fans of Ghana. Sure, this can come in handy.

  • Apedu Desmond Prince

    This  a great project, i believe needs a lot of research and analysis before the whole thing is implemented.

    • http://twitter.com/bobby4tweet Bobby

      Let get the research started asap.

  • Selorm

    I believe this idea will go far to market Ghana and mfriday. May G-tourist see the light of day.

  • Emmanuel Owusu Addai

    Hi Selorm,I am impressed with the idea. Is a pretty good start from you.Very short, simple but precise. Now you need to tell us how the app is going to work
    Web, SMS or Native Phone app?
    Social service, or Commercial? If commercial, how r u going to make money?
    Do you have the data already?I believe, like Francis said, you can get a lot of support on this idea. And it can be a great mFriday startup. Kudos on the idea.

  • http://twitter.com/Nii_Laryea Alex Boye-Laryea

    Great idea. I wanna get on board for the research and development of this app. I like it.

  • Fred Oppong

    i would like to be on the team..I can code android platform( intermediate)