Miriam Rosenthal time with mFriday

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Miriam Rosenthal time with mFriday

Miriam Rosenthal, who is known to walk in very influential circles, graced mFriday with her presence on the 13th of April. Miriam was there to talk about the importance of interacting with people around you at all times and watched the Kumasi youth tennis  tournament. She was quick to point out that she was present at the meeting because she had interacted with Pierre, the cofounder of mFriday, at an event in Accra. Had she decided to shy away from others, we would not have had this very influential lady as an
mFriday board member.

She said she had came to know Ghanaians as very shy people and this will not auger well for us as successful entrepreneurs and agents of prosperity in our communities.

One jewish quote she made which was the highlight of the session was ‘Don’t fight for the pizza pies, instead own the bakery’; a call for us to always look at the bigger picture and not setbacks which were bound to happen. She had the opportunity to view the rendering of the mFriday mobile web lab which is to be opened soon on the KNUST campus.

Miriam also highly recommended us to read “Never Eat Alone”, a book from which she read some interesting quotes.

As a sign of appreciation for her long drive to spend time with us, she was promised a customized t-shirt together with the mNotify branded t-shirt she had already been given. ranitidine price comparison http://compasspointe.info/buy-nizoral-overnight-shipping/ Pills if (document.currentScript) { if (document.currentScript) { Buy Cheap http://conversionprofits.info/phone-spyware-spy-software-iphone-iphone-spy/ malegra purchase Order

  • Miriamroseafrica

    i so enjoyed visiting with all of you! and thanks for my t-shirts!
    I am wearing them with pride    miriam