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Innovation description

An artiste to fan marketing medium that empowers musicians and stakeholders in the creative arts, to connect directly with their fans and everyone else in the music industry.


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  • An entertainment app where fans can directly follow their favorite artiste(s) and get involved in the creative process.
  • They can find their favorite, upcoming projects/albums from their favorite artiste(s).
  • Receive news updates from their favorite artiste(s).
  • Artistes promote their music directly to fans (no payola).

Innovation Stage

  • We are at the prototype development stage where after extensive research we have realized that technology is underutilized in Ghana’s entertainment industry.
  • We are in the first phase of development where we are developing the mobile app that connects artistes to their fans so they continually receive updates from them. We are using the incremental approach for prototyping.


Originality/Differentiation point

This is the first ever direct artiste to fan app in Ghana. Existing apps such as streamio and spinlet do not offer funding and news update options which is included in the Ordio platform.


Benefits to user

  • Entertainment news updates.
  • Updates from favorite artiste(s).
  • Closer relationship with favorite artiste(s).
  • Cheap

  • Fund their favorite artiste(s).
  • Ghanaians living outside can easily follow and get access to Ghana music.


Benefits to Artiste

  • Promote songs directly to fans (no payola).
  • Direct artiste to fan marketing
  • Intelligence gathering directly from fans.
  • Buy

  • Link talents to producers and record labels.



  1. Eventually artistes would have their own content managers.
  2. Doing something like what Samini did but this time for all artistes but in the same app.
  3. Research music app in Ghana, streamio, spinlet.
  4. Frist ever direct artiste to fan marketing app in Ghana.



It can be implemented in other countries since the music industry is not that different from one another. The only issue would be the legalities behind the crowd funding approach.

Social Impact

Upcoming artistes, in their attempt to get into the limelight, do despicable stuff such as drugs and social vices in their attempts to raise funds to promote their music. This would avert the issue of payola where artistes always pay huge sums of money to get their tracks published.

Technical Aspect

The platform would be web and mobile based so that it can be easily accessed anywhere and at any time. Its usefulness to Ghanaian music is a revolution to the music industry.

Who is the innovation for?

Why the project is innovative.

It is innovative because currently the music industry is struggling to help upcoming artistes. Currently, the media being used to promote artistes is the radio and social media platforms. This does not yield much impact. There is also no infrastructure in place to help upcoming artistes who have the skills and the talent because they usually have little or no funds to promote their music.

Musical reality shows which attempt to help upcoming artistes have partially solved this problem. Only winners of these shows, who in most cases are not the most talented but rather “most voted for”, constantly get a shot at the limelight. But the question is what happens to a talented contestant, who did not make it into the top 3 and his fans. There should be a linkage between them even after the show, so they can still get another shot. This is what the reality shows have failed to do and that has led to our main objective: link talent to fans and build lasting relationships between the two.

Long term effects

  • Talents no longer have to be “underground” for years, hustling and trying to get funds to promote their music like Sarkodie, EL and others.
  • This would be a breakthrough for the music industry not because we would have more efficient channel for promoting ghanaian music but also an innovative way to fund talented and upcoming artistes.



  • Partnership with Entertainment House.
  • Reality shows organizers of Vodafone icons for prototyping and testing.

Owned by – Matthias and Ronald.

Business Plan

Marketing strategy (Marketing plan).

We would begin with testing of prototype on campuses using campus news and events so we can get users. Also users can share info on Facebook hence publishing Ordio. We would run Facebook ads.

In the second stage (i.e. crowd funding stage) we would partner with Vodafone icons to test it out. Ultimately, getting more users would be acquired through reality shows where users can show updates from their favorite contestants.

Proof of innovation



  • Making reality shows social
  • Cheap

  • Direct fan marketing and funding
  • Linking talent with fans and building lasting relationships.


Ordio Model

  • Publicity from technology app.
  • Make money from artiste management, event publicity and record labels.

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