Sharon Bar-li spends time with mFriday

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Sharon Bar-li spends time with mFriday

Sharon Bar-li, the Israeli Ambassador of the State of Israel, spent some time with the mFriday community this past Friday. She had previously donated ten copies of the book “The Startup Nation: Israel’s Economic Miracle” to the community about a month ago.  The book is about innovation and entrepreneurship and helps us understand how a 60- year old country of 7.1 million has been able to reach great economic heights.

The meetup started with a presentation on the genesis of mFriday by Christopher Amanor. This was followed by a short allocution from Her honorable ambassador. She talked about ways in which Ghana could learn from Israel and emulate Israel to achieve the same heights.  Among the things she talked about was how how Israel spent 5% of its GDP on research. The highest percentage that can be found anywhere.

Afterwards, Rasheeda Yehuza, Godwin Amefia, Ronald Tagoe, Pierre Brunache Jr. and Michael Turkson all shared with everyone the lessons they got from reading the book. This was followed with the customary tradition of presenting a community-signed card to its guests. Her honorable Ambassador was presented with the card by Rasheeda amidst the popping of champagne.

Photos were then taken together with the Ambassador after some interviews with the media and pressmen present.

Some of the photos of the event can be found here:

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