Mozilla Hack Jam

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Mozilla Hack Jam

A collaborative effort between students of KNUST and Sikkim Manipal University (Kumasi campus) brought about a wonderful Mozilla Hack Jam here at the TechHub, KNUST.

The event started with Mahendra (of Sikkim Manipal University) speaking about his experience with the web and of becoming a Webmaker. Seeing that awesome transition made him realize that he could help other people to become Webmakers just like himself! He went on to play a Popcorn make to give participants a brief introduction of himself.

He covered the history of Mozilla, the vision and mission through videos. Here participants learnt that Mozilla stood for so much more than the Firefox browser. He also showed a video of young Webmakers and explained that the ages of the participants there was not a hindering factor to them becoming Webmakers.

Michael Turkson then introduced X-Ray Goggles. He, together with Mahendra, gave a short demonstration which peaked the interests of the participants. Stressing on the fact that no major development knowledge or extensive time was needed. Apparently most of them had interests in buiding for the web. A tool to make that easy was all they needed to get started. Click here for the link to the make which was demonstrated.

Participants were then divided into groups so they could help each other plan ideas for the makes we were going to build for the mobile casino day. Each group came up with very cool ideas. Participants had some time to try their hands on building their own makes and sharing it on the Mozilla Ghana Facebook group. There were instances where participants contributed by helping each other understand the tool and use it better. After trying their hands on the X-Ray Goggles for a while, Mahendra introduced the Popcorn maker. A multimedia tool for remixing web content.

After everybody practiced remixing with the introductory make for a while. The contributers were encouraged to hack up one of their own (or as much as they could). There was a discussion on the further growth and improvement on the community which ended with participants advocating for more Mozilla events to be held soon.


Click the links to view some pretty cool makes from participants at the event:

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1. Reuben”s [make]

2. Kanyi”s [make]

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