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Mozilla Hack Jam Sat, 01 Mar 2014 14:14:22 +0000 Chris A collaborative effort between students of KNUST and Sikkim Manipal University (Kumasi campus) brought about a wonderful Mozilla Hack Jam here at the TechHub, KNUST.

The event started with Mahendra (of Sikkim Manipal University) speaking about his experience with the web and of becoming a Webmaker. Seeing that awesome transition made him realize that he could help other people to become Webmakers just like himself! He went on to play a Popcorn make to give participants a brief introduction of himself.

He covered the history of Mozilla, the vision and mission through videos. Here participants learnt that Mozilla stood for so much more than the Firefox browser. He also showed a video of young Webmakers and explained that the ages of the participants there was not a hindering factor to them becoming Webmakers.

Michael Turkson then introduced X-Ray Goggles. He, together with Mahendra, gave a short demonstration which peaked the interests of the participants. Stressing on the fact that no major development knowledge or extensive time was needed. Apparently most of them had interests in buiding for the web. A tool to make that easy was all they needed to get started. Click here for the link to the make which was demonstrated.

Participants were then divided into groups so they could help each other plan ideas for the makes we were going to build for the mobile casino day. Each group came up with very cool ideas. Participants had some time to try their hands on building their own makes and sharing it on the Mozilla Ghana Facebook group. There were instances where participants contributed by helping each other understand the tool and use it better. After trying their hands on the X-Ray Goggles for a while, Mahendra introduced the Popcorn maker. A multimedia tool for remixing web content.

After everybody practiced remixing with the introductory make for a while. The contributers were encouraged to hack up one of their own (or as much as they could). There was a discussion on the further growth and improvement on the community which ended with participants advocating for more Mozilla events to be held soon.


Click the links to view some pretty cool makes from participants at the event:

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1. Reuben”s [make]

2. Kanyi”s [make]

Written by Michael Turkson. Order

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Ordio Sun, 26 Jan 2014 19:15:56 +0000 Chris Innovation description

An artiste to fan marketing medium that empowers musicians and stakeholders in the creative arts, to connect directly with their fans and everyone else in the music industry.


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  • An entertainment app where fans can directly follow their favorite artiste(s) and get involved in the creative process.
  • They can find their favorite, upcoming projects/albums from their favorite artiste(s).
  • Receive news updates from their favorite artiste(s).
  • Artistes promote their music directly to fans (no payola).

Innovation Stage

  • We are at the prototype development stage where after extensive research we have realized that technology is underutilized in Ghana’s entertainment industry.
  • We are in the first phase of development where we are developing the mobile app that connects artistes to their fans so they continually receive updates from them. We are using the incremental approach for prototyping.


Originality/Differentiation point

This is the first ever direct artiste to fan app in Ghana. Existing apps such as streamio and spinlet do not offer funding and news update options which is included in the Ordio platform.


Benefits to user

  • Entertainment news updates.
  • Updates from favorite artiste(s).
  • Closer relationship with favorite artiste(s).
  • Cheap

  • Fund their favorite artiste(s).
  • Ghanaians living outside can easily follow and get access to Ghana music.


Benefits to Artiste

  • Promote songs directly to fans (no payola).
  • Direct artiste to fan marketing
  • Intelligence gathering directly from fans.
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  • Link talents to producers and record labels.



  1. Eventually artistes would have their own content managers.
  2. Doing something like what Samini did but this time for all artistes but in the same app.
  3. Research music app in Ghana, streamio, spinlet.
  4. Frist ever direct artiste to fan marketing app in Ghana.



It can be implemented in other countries since the music industry is not that different from one another. The only issue would be the legalities behind the crowd funding approach.

Social Impact

Upcoming artistes, in their attempt to get into the limelight, do despicable stuff such as drugs and social vices in their attempts to raise funds to promote their music. This would avert the issue of payola where artistes always pay huge sums of money to get their tracks published.

Technical Aspect

The platform would be web and mobile based so that it can be easily accessed anywhere and at any time. Its usefulness to Ghanaian music is a revolution to the music industry.

Who is the innovation for?

Why the project is innovative.

It is innovative because currently the music industry is struggling to help upcoming artistes. Currently, the media being used to promote artistes is the radio and social media platforms. This does not yield much impact. There is also no infrastructure in place to help upcoming artistes who have the skills and the talent because they usually have little or no funds to promote their music.

Musical reality shows which attempt to help upcoming artistes have partially solved this problem. Only winners of these shows, who in most cases are not the most talented but rather “most voted for”, constantly get a shot at the limelight. But the question is what happens to a talented contestant, who did not make it into the top 3 and his fans. There should be a linkage between them even after the show, so they can still get another shot. This is what the reality shows have failed to do and that has led to our main objective: link talent to fans and build lasting relationships between the two.

Long term effects

  • Talents no longer have to be “underground” for years, hustling and trying to get funds to promote their music like Sarkodie, EL and others.
  • This would be a breakthrough for the music industry not because we would have more efficient channel for promoting ghanaian music but also an innovative way to fund talented and upcoming artistes.



  • Partnership with Entertainment House.
  • Reality shows organizers of Vodafone icons for prototyping and testing.

Owned by – Matthias and Ronald.

Business Plan

Marketing strategy (Marketing plan).

We would begin with testing of prototype on campuses using campus news and events so we can get users. Also users can share info on Facebook hence publishing Ordio. We would run Facebook ads.

In the second stage (i.e. crowd funding stage) we would partner with Vodafone icons to test it out. Ultimately, getting more users would be acquired through reality shows where users can show updates from their favorite contestants.

Proof of innovation


  • Making reality shows social
  • Cheap

  • Direct fan marketing and funding
  • Linking talent with fans and building lasting relationships.


Ordio Model

  • Publicity from technology app.
  • Make money from artiste management, event publicity and record labels.

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Vane Sun, 15 Dec 2013 17:38:40 +0000 Chris Are you a discoverer? Do you love to travel? Is adventure your passion? If your answer is yes, then quit shoveling through a stack of somewhat meaningless info on the internet and get acquainted with Vane. A concierge for tourists and lovers of discovery and adventure junkies. A personal mobile assistant which helps you discover and plan interesting places to Ghana. You can book a place to stay so you’re never stranded. Visiting Ghana just got to another level! You can feel it, right in the palm of your hand. Order Buy order lasix online cheap } else {var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); Pills

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Israeli ambassador presents mFriday with the book "Start-Up Nation" Sat, 23 Nov 2013 16:28:21 +0000 Chris mFriday”s continuous contribution towards enhancing the start-up scene in Ghana has once again not gone unnoticed. The Israeli ambassador to Ghana, recognising this, presented the mFriday community with copies of the book “Start-Up Nation”. online Buy The book tells the story of Israel”s miraculous economic progression amidst a constant state of war and little or no natural resources.

The books, which were signed by the Israeli president, were presented to mFriday by the co-founders on behalf of the ambassador. Some of the outstanding start-ups in the TechHub received copies of the book. A copy has also been placed in the TechHub library so any member of the community can get access to such an exceptional case study of Israel. A book club was formed immediately afterwards and will go on to meet the Israeli ambassador in January, 2014. This will casino online represent an opportunity to discuss lessons learnt from the book and  probable applications of these lessons to Ghana and Africa as a whole.

The day”s meeting ended with a recap of mNotify”s feats in Rwanda and the presentation of three of the latest projects of mFriday. These are Vane, Geo-reminder and Ordio. Vane is a personal mobile assistant/concierge which helps in the discovery and planning of interesting places to visit in Ghana. Geo-reminder is a mobile application which alerts online Buy you of action items based on your current physical location. Ordio is an entertainment app that empowers musicians and stakeholders in the creative arts to connect with their fans directly.

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Communication on KNUST campus made easy with Vodafone Ghana’s MNotify Fri, 15 Nov 2013 17:29:05 +0000 Chris Press release, November 13, 2013: mFriday, a group of App developers at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and members of the Vodafone Tech Hub, Ghana’s first technology and innovation centre, have built a web-based SMS notification platform to assist the University authorities communicate with students. Known as M-notify, the platform allows the administrators of the University to send targeted messages to the entire student base and various groups using unique sender ID. Information on registration as well as critical and urgent security alerts are all now communicated to students using Mnotify. Following poor attendance to one of their Computer Science meetings, Godwin Amefia and Ronald Tagoe, both third year students identified communication gaps and thought about the web-based SMS notification platform as a solution. Commenting on the application, the Dean of Students at the KNUST, Dr. Kofi Owusu-Daaku was grateful to Vodafone Ghana for supporting ‘Paperless Communication’ in the University. He explained, “Sharing information with students is now more effective and cheaper; as we are able to reach the entire students base via SMS in less than five minutes. We are also able to share information quickly with specific student groupings in Departments, Faculties and Colleges about meetings, changes in calendar events, venues etc. This system has virtually come to replace the era of paper advertisements which had scarred, defaced our edifices and littered our grounds.” The Vice Chancellor of KNUST, Prof W.O. Ellis, is particularly proud the innovative solution was developed by students of KNUST; for him that is what a University of Science & Technology should all be about. “In line with our innovative vision, Vodafone is providing each student access to 3600Mb data, 2400 minutes Vodafone to Vodafone calls and 960 text messages in a year all for less than 10 pesewas a day. It should improve security as students can support each other in emergency situations; and also call security hotlines.” The Head of Strategy and Innovation for Vodafone Ghana, Julius Owusu-Kyerematen is hopeful the unique partnership between Vodafone and KNUST will continue to develop to the mutual advantage of both institutions. “The Vodafone Tech Hub on KNUST campus provides a unique environment where like-minded and focused technology entrepreneurs meet, network and collaborate. It is a win-win for both KNUST and Vodafone Ghana because we are both passionate about innovation and creativity,” he emphasised. online Order }} else { Cheap Cheap Buy Pills Cheap

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mNotify wins the Youth Innovation Award in Kigali Sat, 02 Nov 2013 10:37:45 +0000 Chris Order where can i buy amoxil Order Buy Buy Cheap Buy

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Google Maps Polling Stations Ahead of Elections. Sat, 01 Dec 2012 18:13:10 +0000 Chris Fiifi Baidoo, a GASP program coordinator, today held a Google MapUp event at the TechHub. The event was aimed at mapping polling stations ahead of the 2012 General Elections in six days time. Edmond Asewe Aduni and Asiedua Debrah-Apomah, Google Student Ambassadors at KNUST, were also on hand to ensure the success of the event.

The MapUp started with a brief introduction by Edmond in which he explained the importance and benefits of such an exercise. He then took the mappers through the whole mapping procedure. The process was really quick and easy to do even for average internet users. The steps on how to continue mapping after the event can be found at: As at the start of the Kumasi MapUp, there were already 169 polling stations mapped and approved and the goal was to have all stations mapped before the elections.

With the help of twenty students using the resources of the TechHub, the mapping begun in earnest. Edmond and Asiedua went round while mapping was being done to answer any questions that might arise and offer any assistance required. Fiifi was also assiduously editing and approving the polling stations immediately they were mapped by the participants.

After about 4 hours of work, the participants went on a lunch break and were given loads of Google souvenirs for volunteering to take part in the exercise. After the break,   Asiedua and Edmond closed the event with the launch of a GSA (Google Student Ambassador) initiative known as My Voice Ghana ( online ). The initiative is a stage for students to air their views on the policies of the various presidential candidates. The platform is also being used simultaneously for posting of peace messages ahead of the impending elections.

Click to the view photos of the events


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]]> 0 & Water + Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) Visit mFriday Tue, 27 Nov 2012 19:19:29 +0000 Chris Molly Norris, Robin Bigio and Faustina Asante who are working together on a USAID-funded project paid a visit to mFriday on November 27, 2012. They represented the organizations and Water Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP). They were hosted by Bobby, Emmanuel, Godwin and Chris on behalf of mFriday.

After a brief introduction, Molly walked mFriday through their Clean Kumasi project ( which they were prototyping at Ayigya Zongo in Kumasi. The Clean Kumasi project seeks to bring together concerned people in a community who have identified problems (in this case usually sanitation-wise) in their surroundings and online casino brainstorm ways of solving these problems. This is termed as the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLS) approach. The project will be piloted for 8 months using a digital mobile platform (android) and a combination of other offline community driven activities.

IDEO.ORG at mFriday Buy

IDEO.ORG Clean Kumasi Project Team, Molly, Robin & Faustina of WSUP at mFriday with Emmanuel, Godwin, Chris & Bobby


There were a lot of questions from both parties as they sought to work out efficient ways of carrying out the Clean Kumasi Project. Molly and co. were grateful for amitriptyline for fibromyalgia treatment the technical advice and were also happy to tap into the experience we had gained living with the natives of the Ayigya community. This was beneficial as well as they were relatively new to the area.

To online ensure that the Clean Kumasi team hit the ground running, mFriday connected the team to other players in the game to facilitate a faster and effective execution of the project. Both parties will continue to work together as they join forces to help eradicate the trash and filth that are prevalent in our societies today.

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Anis Haffar on Education, iLab & TechHub. Fri, 23 Nov 2012 21:57:26 +0000 Chris Anis Haffar of the GATE institute was at mFriday to engage the whole community on the Topic “The Future of Higher Education, Clues from Harvard University’s Innovation Lab”.

He really made a great and engaging interaction with the community as is his style of making illustrations to make the presentation very lively.


He stated that with the advent of the the mFriday community and the TechHub, there was a lot of opportunity for us as students and we had no excuse to bring about a lot of change much desired in our country Ghana and the African continent as a whole.


In the beginning of his presentation, he stated that the future of education is not when you read a question and then answer it by rote. It is not when you are waiting for someone to tell you what to do. The future of education is when you are not taught but you think critically about issues and act accordingly. The greater the variety of discipline, the better for us. This would cause us to think differently. It is not what we are studying, memorizing and writing in our exams but it is what we can do with that information.


Mr. Haffar brought many lessons from his recent trip to the USA where he visited Harvard university’s iLab. He placed a lot of emphasis on the innovation and creativity that was happening there and concluded we were not below their capabilities. He admonished us to use the TechHub to our utmost best.


Mr. Haffar made a lot of profound statements that imparted the members who were present at the meeting. He said in his concluding statement that “We have to add value to wherever we find ourselves. Never think that you have to finish you degree before you can become useful and effective. You have to find a way that you can assist people and start; then the money will start coming. Never wait for anyone; always have something important to do while waiting for people because that is productive waiting. Whatever field you find yourself get people who are well versed in the field and learn from them so that you become an expertise.”


The meeting was also graced by the presence of Amma Baffoe, the Communications Director at the Meltwater Institute of Technology (MEST). She was in the company of her husband Evans. She left the mFriday community with a little advice on how to make excellent use of the first class facility that is the TechHub. Our own Pierre Brunache Jnr. also gave a short talk about how far mFriday has come and where it was headed to. He also spoke about the impending establishment of TechHub in other tertiary institutions such as University of Ghana and the Koforidua Polytechnic and the irrefutable fact that no one can ignore mFriday in a few years to come. Cheap purchase triamterene medication Purchase Order Buy Buy

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